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Jul. 21st, 2011

iron man

(no subject)

Megatron's body hit the floor with a dull thud as a S7 agent threw him to the floor, but he couldn't care less about that. He was too busy trying to cough up the water that had gone into his lungs. He choked up the last of it and slumped on the floor, breathing hard after the oxygen deprivation he had gone through whilst being under the surface of the water.

He shouldn't have been surprised that Water Boarding had been on the list of torture they seemed to have written down. He winced as the door slammed shut behind the agent, the sound echoing through his skull.

Almost every inch of his body throbbed, at least two thirds of his skin covered in black, blue, purple and yellow bruises. He was sure that Simmons' and his thugs would be aiming to get that last third identical to the others soon.

He bit his lip, not caring about the action splitting it open, making the blood run free again. He slowly and carefully tried to move himself into a less awkward position, the noise of pain he made at his broken ribs shifting muffled by his mouth being forced shut by his teeth clenching together.

He collapsed into a position that was more comfortable, that took away some of the pain, even if it was only a tiny fraction. His eyelids felt heavy but he forced himself to keep them open. He couldn't be vulnerable at this time, he couldn't afford for them to do something to him without his knowledge whilst he slept.

Primus, he hoped the Autobots came to save him.

Simmons stared into the cell at the human Decepticon. The man had been beaten down in the space of two weeks. His skin was practically covered in bruises they had inflicted, blood marking some parts of his skin and his clothes filthy and torn.

No matter how it looked...he didn't like doing this. He seemed sadistic, but it was through orders. The head of Sector Seven was completely obsessed with Cybertronians, when Megatron had fallen out of their possession, he had been furious. He wanted the secrets to their weaponry as much as a druggie would want his next fix, a weird explanation, but pretty damned accurate.

He was against the harming of another human being; all he had wanted was to get Megatron into a cell, where he couldn't harm himself, or anyone else. But then the orders had come in for the torture to start. He had fought night and day so far for it to stop, but he was unheard, as usual.

He had always been told that he was quite a good actor when he tried, so he had to use that advantage when it came to the torture periods. He had to seem like he enjoyed the torture, like he enjoyed causing Megatron pain. He had seen the change in him over the month since he had been turned human, and the resentment he had felt had quickly disintegrated until it was non-existent.

That was why one of the other agent had tortured him today. Water Boarding was a frightening torture to say the least. The feeling of the oxygen in your lungs slowly running out until you couldn't hold your breath any longer and had to try and breathe, even if it was only water that entered your lungs. The was the burning that came with the water filling where there should be oxygen, the body attempted to fight, before it became weak and no longer resistant to the drowning.

He hated watching it, never mind actually inflicting it on someone.

As night approached, he sent the other S7 agents outside to guard, while he stayed and watched Megatron. He waited until he was sure none of them would come back, before grabbing a battle of water from the side and the keys to the cell. He opened the cell and walked in, watching as Megatron's rust red eyes glanced at him and hardened, as if he bracing himself for something else.

Simmons sighed internally and broke the lid off of the top of the bottle of water. If he remembered right , after Water Boarding, the victim's throat was rather painful afterwards, especially if salt water was used. He looked over at the large metal container that had contained the water and he could clearly smell the salt. He shook his head slightly and crouched in front of the Decepticon, setting the water down and then carefully lifting him up and resting him against the wall.

He saw the confusion in Megatron's eyes and sighed out loud this time. "I know you're probably wondering what the hell is going on, but this isn't a new form of torture. Do you think I like doing all this to you?"

He jerked with silent laughter and the nod his question received and grinned slightly before it faded. "I'm doing this because of orders. Let's just say, I'm a very good actor in front of the others."

"Then why aren't you acting now?" Simmons winced at the hoarse, cracking and painful voice that came from the other man.

"I sent them all outside to guard."

"I'm not getting out of here am I?" The S7 agent paused at that, thinking.

"I'm sure the Autobots are looking for this base right now. They'll come for you."

"What'll happen to you?"

"I'll...I'll probably be arrested."

"I can tell them not to."

"You don't have to do that." Megatron was silent after that; it was obvious that he thought that if he spoke again, his voice would completely crack.

Simmons grabbed the water bottle again and handed in to the Con. They sat in a companionable silence until the bottle became empty and the other human took it back.

"I've gotta leave before anyone comes back in. "He patted him on the shoulder gently before closing the cell door behind him and locking it. Just as he was about to walk away, he hesitated, wondering if he should tell the Decepticon that...

"Megatron...Just so you know, I'm sorry but, the torture is going to get a little worse from here on. You might..." He didn't finish the sentence, he didn't have to. He saw the realization dawn in the rusty eyes.

"I'm still not saying anything." Simmons smiled softly.

"I know..."

"I don't know, just tell him that there's a loose NBE around destroying stuff or something."

"I know! Blame Starscream!"

"I bet Megs sure wouldn't mind that."

"We are not getting anyone else tortured!"

"Why not? Screamers an ass."


"Sorry, it's my nickname habit again."

"Guys, this is completely off subject!"


"Sorry Lennox..."

"Thank you!"

Will shook his head and started dialling Simmons' number, waving away questions as it started ringing.


"Agent Simmons, it's Captain Lennox." He put the phone on loudspeaker for everyone else to hear as Optimus threw him a pointed look.

"What can I do for you Captain Lennox?"

"I'm looking for NBE-1." He ignored the frantic waves at him and turned his back to the others in the room.

"...Wait a minute." There was a clatter on the other side of the line and a curse as something was dropped before the S7 agent started speaking again.

"Sorry, I had to encrypt this line. Now...you're looking for Megatron right? And tracking this number as we speak?"

Lennox froze, stuttering as he tried to think of something to say.

"Keep talking, and keep tracking."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I'm only following orders when it comes to all of this. It doesn't mean I agree with it. If tracking this number helps get him out, then keep doing it Chubster."

Glen straightened. "How did he know I was here?" He wondered aloud quietly without taking his eyes off of the screen.

"How's the situation with Starscream and the other Seekers?"

Will suddenly remembered he was supposed to be talking. "They haven't shown up in a while, we think they've backed off for a while after the last attack. We sure beat their asses, too bad they haven't got a mommy to run back to."

Simmons snorted with laughter on the other end of the phone and made a noise of agreement. "That's true. And how's your daughter?"

Will's face lit up at the mention of his precious little girl. "She's fantastic, she's started walking. She was just sat there and then she just got up and walked over to Sarah. Sure, she was a little wobbly, but it was good for her first time."

"Hm, you got a super kid."

"Nah, she's just my special little girl."

"Talking about the kid or your wife now?"

"Don't make me choose." Glen mouthed to Lennox that he had found the base's location and Lennox cleared his throat. "I gotta go, take care."

"Will do Will, see you soon." The call cut off and he turned back to everyone, smirking at their faces.

"What? Sometimes you just have to be straightforward." He turned to Glen. "Where's the base?"

"I tracked the call to the Tonopah underground military base in Nevada"

"That's two and a half hours away."

"Then we'd better go now. Optimus?"

"Autobots, humans and Decepticons. Roll out!"
iron man

Saving Him Day Nine

Read on the net that it takes about a month to die of starvation which is perfect time for this fic, so I'm using that estimate, just gotta make sure he gets some water xD I'll make someone in S7 take pity on him a few times.

"Glen, have you found anything?"

"Not yet, I'm still trying to think of a way to find out where the hell they could be."

Maggie sighed and gracelessly flopped down into a chair next to her dark skinned friend. The light from the computer screen glinted off of the lenses of his glasses and his fingers danced across the keyboard. The information flew across the screen, but Maggie didn't take any of it in. The longer they took to find Matt, the more distracted she became.

The once nightmares had become daydreams, and finally memories. The image of the lifeless and accusing eyes never left her mind as he fought to try and find him. She kept on telling herself that he was alive, and that they would find him before things got even worse, but the more time that passed, her hope and will started dwindling into almost nothing.

The only thing that kept her going was Optimus, strangely enough. The big mech was full of determination and enough hope to fill everyone in the base and encourage them to keep trying, to find a way to track Sector Seven down. His blue optics were troubled, and it became obvious that he was suffering thoughts of possible outcomes also. About as obvious as it had been to look at Maggie and tell that that was all she thought about lately.

She tried to balance out her memories. Whenever she saw the cell, its surfaces dripping with blood, she quickly shook herself and thought of something positive. Matt's smile, his naive nature, that cute little confused look he got when he didn't understand something human, their first kiss...

She smiled as she thought of the first time they had kissed, how awkward Megatron had been. It may have been an awkward moment. But it was one god damned awkward moment that she treasured with her whole heart.

"Ms Madsen? Are you alright?" She looked up to see Optimus looming over her. 'that's what the shadow was' she thought. His optics were full of concern as he stared down at her and she smiled reassuringly.

"I'm fine Optimus; I'm just a little worried. And didn't I tell you to quit with the 'Ms Madsen' crap? Call me Maggie."

"You're not the only one that worries for him." He sat down carefully on the ground so she wouldn't strain her neck as much looking up at him. "I can't help but think that every minute that we don't find them, he suffers even more."

"You love him? Don't you?"

"He's my brother. The only family I have left. I have never wished any harm upon him despite his actions. Now he is human, the feeling to keep him safe is even stronger. He's much more fragile now, physically and mentally. He may be my older brother, but my parents always used to say that the roles were reversed, that I was the one who kept him out of trouble rather than the other way around, that one day I would be the one having to help him."

"I guess they were right." She sighed sadly. "All I see at night now is him, in a cell. Never alive, his eyes are always lifeless and almost...accusing. That's is my fault he's dead because I wasn't quick enough."

"Even if he is dead, you know he wouldn't blame you Maggie."

"He's not dead! Don't think like that!" She suddenly yelled, her emotions exploding in an outburst of panic and anger. The room went silent after her shout, all looking towards her and the Autobot leader with a sense of pity in their gazes.

"I never said that he was. I am merely saying, that he would never blame you for anything that happened to him. He never would."

"He's right." Maggie turned in her chair to see Mikaela behind her, her cheeks streaked with mascara and her eyes red and puffy from crying. "He loves you too much for that. Everyone's worried, but we just have to think positive."

"Why are you so worried?" Maggie asked. She wasn't asking with venomous intent, she was truly curious why.

"He reminds me so much of my Dad." The teen said, getting out some tissue and dabbing at her eyes, trying to remove some of the mascara streaks. "He's got the same attitude, and he does so many things similarly."

"Where is your father anyway?"

"He's in prison. He got arrested for Grand Theft Auto and even when the cops had him, he still refused to say who his accomplices were." She said, sniffing miserably. "With Megatron, my supposed 'uncle', he is that in so many ways. He's so much like my father, that this is almost like losing another. I just want him safe, like he wanted me when Barricade took me. Lennox said he could see how worried he was." Mikaela chuckled.

Maggie smirked. "He like that isn't he. He tried to hide his emotions, but he never succeeds."

They both laughed despite their sadness, Optimus joining in once he realised the truth behind their statement of the Decepticon's behaviour.

If Megatron had thought that having his senses decreased by becoming human was strange and unnerving, this was pure hell. The room had become completely silent, the lights turned off so that the room was so dark that he couldn't even see his own hand in front of him and even though that may be, they had still tied a blindfold over his eyes after a few minutes, wanting to make him know that they were controlling only thing he could smell was his own sweat and the horrible, lingering scent of his blood.

Sensory Deprivation.

It wasn't a painful, agonizing torture, but it made him incredibly nervous. Anything could be happening around him and he would have absolutely no idea. He hated it with his whole spark...or heart. He didn't know how long he had been here, but days seemed like a good estimate. He wrapped his arms around his middle, the discomfort from not eating for over a week really starting to show.

He had had very little water too, and he felt incredibly weak from dehydration. The sweat from the episodes of pain also made him dry out faster, so if this water deprivation kept up much longer, he didn't know what would happen, but he didn't think it would be good. He didn't know much about humans, but he knew that if they were left a long time without water, they would die from the dehydration. The same for starvation, though that took longer.

He shivered at the cold in the cell, hugging himself tightly to try and hold some heat in.

"Guys! I think I found a way we can find them!" Glen gulped as everyone, even the Bots and Cons, suddenly surrounded him, their eyes, or optics, fully focused on him.

"Does anyone have Simmons' cell number?" He asked shaking himself out of his self-consciousness.

"Yes, unfortunately." Will said, not even attempting to mutter the last part. He got out his cell and searched for Simmons' number. "I had it just in case anything I needed S7's help with popped up."

"if you call him, I could track the signal and find where its coming from, that'll tell us where the base is!"

"What do I call him about?" Lennox asked, silently wondering why he was the one who had been nominated to do this.
iron man

Saving Him Day Four

Mixed up the damned order xD

Warning: There is some sensitive material in here. Contains violence, blood and torture. If you don't like reading things like that, then I suggest you turn back, because it's only going to get worse from here on out.

After the burning stopped, there was a space of time in which he just lay there, shuddering from the aftershocks whilst staring at the ceiling, trying to focus on something to stop himself slipping under.

The shudders decreased until he only tremored every few minutes and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. The burning had reminded him of the dream he still had yet to figure out. Every time he thought he had a hold on it, it slipped through his mental fingers and he lost it again. It was so frustrating.

It was a full day until he saw Simmons again; at least, he thought it was a day. It sure felt like it.

But when the agent came back, there was a black rage storming in his eyes. He was holding what looked like sharp metal pins in his hand.

"Are you going to co-operate today?"

Megatron stayed silent, choosing not to answer, or act, until he knew what was wanted of him.

"I want to know the secrets of your kind, the weaponry. I want them so that we can crush every opposition to the United States of America with no mercy!"

He shifted slightly, and heard the chains move with him, scraping across the floor. He had been all for the human race becoming extinct when he had been a Cybertronian, but since he had become one of them, he had a feeling of...empathy?

He knew that that the secrets of their weaponry would cause more harm than good throughout the planet. Chaos would literally explode if humanity got their hands on it, their violent, eager hands that itched for weapons. Not all of them were like that, but he could see Simmons was one of them, itching for the alien tech that would make him famous for destroying all other army opposition. But it was...wrong.

Megatron steeled himself and shook his head, his eyes hard and cold as ice. Simmons' eyes darkened even further and he crouched down, grabbing one of the other man's wrists in his hand, wrenching it towards him.

The human Decepticon couldn't help but feel uneasy. What was this twisted human going to do?

He jolted up. A stinging pain consumed his hand. Simmons was pushing the pieces of metal under his fingernails. He pushed harder and the pain only increased. He jolted again but tried to remain calm. His reaction was what he craved and he wasn't about to give him one. At least not until he couldn't bear anymore. Soon he inserted a second piece of metal and he jolted up in pain. His fingers began to bleed under the nails. Blood oozed from under the fingernails and onto Simmons' fingers. He didn't care. All he cared about was watching him suffer and he couldn't exactly take all the pain from his face. After all, he was 'human'.

"Ah!" a jolt of pain hit him when he pushed harder into his hand. The pain was unbearable and he knew soon he would be showing that to Simmons and that pissed him off.

Each time was agony, his fingers burning like they were being dipped in acid. Blood ran from under the nails and down his fingers, dripping to the floor with a quiet drip.

When Simmons was finished, he kicked him hard in the gut, knocking the wind out of him, before exiting the room and slamming the barred door into the frame, locking it with a jangle of keys and storming back down the corridor.

Maggie rubbed her eyes, trying to get herself out of the sleepy state she was in. She yawned almost silently and then dropped her fingers back to the keyboard, taking a sip of extra strong coffee and wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste.

"This could probably choke a donkey..." She muttered under her breath, looking down at the mug as she swished the liquid around the porcelain container.


She spun around in her chair, her face lighting up as she recognised the voice and her dark skinned friend running towards her, waving a hand in the air.

"Glen!" She leapt at him, hugging him as tightly as she could. "I'm so glad to see you!"

"It's good to see you too Mags." He smiled before laying a hand on her arm, his gaze turning serious. "Now, you said your friend had been taken by that government group in that signal we were tracking?"

"Sector Seven, and yes, we have security footage."

"Did you check the licence plate?"

"Of course we did. Apparently, it doesn't even exist. It's not registered under anyone's name or address."

"And you have no idea where the bases of operation these guys have are?"

"No, they're pretty good and staying on the down low. They get involved in things they shouldn't, but we hardly ever know why they want what they want, or where they go afterwards."

Glen was quiet for a minute, looking down at the floor as he thought hard on what to do.

Megatron slid the last blood needle out from under his fingernail and threw it away from him, watching the smear of bodily fluid it left behind as it clattered across the concrete surface.

It felt like he had been enduring it for hours and there was nothing he could do. His instinct was to punch him in his good for nothing face, but he couldn't and that frustrated him.

He hadn't noticed through everything how much his fingers really hurt. The pain got stronger when the needles were removed from under his fingernails. He looked down at his hands but could barely see through the tears that had welled up. His fingernails were bleeding underneath. It looked insane! Blood trickled from them and onto the floor. The stinging sensations centred at the ends of his fingers were almost impossible. He tried to take his mind off the pain, tried to think of something else.


What he wouldn't do to see her silky blond hair, her beautiful green/blue eyes, to hear her accent in her voice right now but if he gave Simmons what he wanted, then it would end in disaster for both her, and the rest of the world. It would mean the death of her and Mikaela, the two humans he really cared about. And even the ones he didn't. The Witwicky boy, Robert Epps, that college friend of Sam's, and that soldier that had made him use a wheelchair when his shoulder had been split open by the transformation.

He missed them, even if he wasn't friends with them. He never thought he'd ever say it, but he missed Optimus. He missed his brother. His eyes which had been welling up spilled over and he didn't wipe it away, letting it run down his cheek and onto his clothing.

Jul. 15th, 2011

iron man

Saving Him Day Eight

I skipped some time to speed this up. You can only have so many torture ideas :P Though I'm doing some research... I'm trying to avoids the medieval stuff ¬_¬

The dark hallways seemed cruel and sinister as she walked down them, her sneakered feet squeaking on the floor accidentally. She heard a squelch and froze before slowly looking down, She had stepped into a pool of blood, the red liquid now all over the sole of her shoe.

She shuddered and kept on walking, trying to ignore the trail of bloody footprints she was leaving behind. As she walked she could see more and more blood on the walls and floors, dripping from the ceiling also. It seemed like the blood was seeping from between the bricks of the building.

She reached one of the open cells and peered inside. She couldn't see anything. She grabbed her mini torch out of her pocket and aimed it into the cell-

Maggie screamed as she woke, sitting bolt upright as her chest heaved with her quick and frightened breaths. She rubbed her eyes as her heart rate slowed down gradually and rested her head in her hands. She had been having these nightmares for days now. It had been slightly over a week since Sector Seven had taken Matt, and ever since, her nights had been filled with images of him, dead and bleeding in a cell.

The latest dream had been of him tied in chains and in shackles, blood dripping from his hanging form into a puddle on the floor. His lifeless eyes had stared at her in accusation, as if to say 'Why? Why didn't you come quicker? Why didn't you save me?'

She hadn't told anyone about the nightmares, but people knew she was having them. They heard her scream at night in the base whilst they were working on finding the S7 location, they saw the dark circles under her eyes, saw the large amount of coffee she was drinking to keep her awake every day. They knew she was having nightmares; just not what they were about, though...they could guess. She wasn't the only one plagued by images of being too late.

Sam spent a lot of his nights comforting Mikaela. Lennox slept very little but when he did, he always woke up in a cold sweat, his heart beating like a hummingbird's. When Optimus recharged, he also saw the accusing look, his brother yet another lost loved one, another life of their species gone quicker than he could mourn. Ironhide was always filled with guilt, the look making him beat himself up over not protecting Megatron like he had promised.

The nightmares were all very different, but they were all filled with the same outcome.

But none of the nightmares could compare to the experience.

Megatron blinked as he was once again roused from unconsciousness by cold water hitting his body. He looked up and saw Simmons and a few other agents glaring down at him.

"What is it this time? More needles? Beating? C'mon human, what do you want to do to me today?" He said, his snappy and sharp tongued attitude temporarily taking over.

He soon kicked it mentally, cursing his natural attitude to hell.

He grunted in pain as his face came into contact with the floor. The fists and hard footwear slammed into him from what seemed like every angle, as soon as one pulled back, another two were swinging back in. With his hands shackled and chained, he couldn't even defend himself, never mind fight back.

A foot slammed into his stomach and the oxygen rushed out of him, before he could take another breath, it happened again, and again. His stomach ached in pain, and he was sure at least a few ribs were broken by now. His lungs started to burn as they were deprived of air and he chocked feebly, the noise becoming harsher yet weaker as time stretched on.

The last thing he saw before blacking out yet again was Simmons' angry yet satisfied eyes.

"Sam! There you are!" Judy Witwicky called out as the door slammed shut behind the teen. "I thought you were never coming home! You spend so much time with those Autobots now!"

"Sorry mom, I just got tied up in some problems and forgot to call."

"Problems? What problems Sammy?"

"I'll tell you later." He sighed heavily. "I'll be back down in a minute, I'm just gunna change out of these clothes, I must stink like a dumpster by now."

"Take a shower!"

"Yeah, yeah..."

He threw his bag into his room and peeled his shirt off, throwing it on top of the laundry basket as he made his way to the shower. He stood under the warm water, letting it relax his tense muscles. He sighed in relief as the ache of his taut muscles vanished almost completely and he turned off the water, stepping out and drying himself.

After getting dressed he flopped down onto his bed and dozed peacefully for a few minutes."

"SAM! DINNER!" He groaned as his father's voice carried up the stairs and assaulted his ear drums. Nobody was ever quiet in his house. He reluctantly got up from his comfy heaven of stuffing and feathers before dragging himself down the stairs and sitting at the table.

He could tell his parents were watching him as they ate, wanting to ask him something. His mother soon broke the silence and asked him what he had promised to tell her earlier.

"So Sam...what's bothering you?" He sighed and played with his food, moving it around his plate with his fork.

"Remember the government group that came and arrested us because I'd been in contact with the Autobots?"

"The ones that stole my plants?"

"The ones that were all over my lawn?"

"That's...that's not the point...But anyway...they took one of my...friends because he's not exactly human."

"What do you mean Sam?" Ron Witwicky asked his son, thoroughly confused.

"He used to be one of the bots...but he turned into a human. And now Sector Seven has him and we can't find him."

"Do we know him?"

"Well...sorta." Sam said, uncertain that he should tell his parents, fearing the wrath of his mother's baseball bat, even if it wasn't aimed at him.

"It'sMegatron." He said quickly.

"Wait, say that again, you were a little too quick." Sam took deep breath and repeated.

"It's Megatron." He flinched at his parents silence. The two just stared at him. He was a little afraid that he had broken their brains or something.

"Megatron? Megatron as in...the Decepticon. The Decepticon leader? The Decepticon leader that tried to take over the world? The Decepticon leader that tried to destroy MY LAWN?" His father yelled angrily.

"Ron!" His mother snapped. "Who cares about the lawn. We're talking about the evil robot that chased my baby through a city and tried to kill him. My baby!"

"Why are you even trying to help him? Just let him rot." His father muttered, cringing at the look Judy gave him. Megatron may have tried to kill people...but to wish death on him made them just as bad.

"Mom, the Allspark gave me a duty. It told me to keep watch over Megatron and keep him safe. He was turned into a human as a second change that he won't mess up. As much as I hate to admit it, apart from the human culture, he's coping pretty well. I have to find him."

"Who cared what the Allspark said. He tried to kill our race Sam, he deserv-"

"Ron! Stop!" Judy snapped at her husband again, thrusting a fork at him. "Eat!"

Her husband grumbled quietly before continuing to eat. He hadn't had his coffee yet, not having time this morning, he was always grumpy when he hadn't drank it.

"Sam, honey. You've changed since the incident with the bots. You've grown into a man, and you can make your own decisions. Do whatever you think is right. If your heart is telling you to help Megatron, then do it. Just promise me something."

"What mom?"

"Promise me that you'll bring him round to meet us some time. Not so I can attack him with a bat, so I can make sure that he really has changed. Who known, your father might even like him!"

"I'll see what I can do...but...it depends on the condition he's in when we find him."

"If he's alive, he may need some time depending on what they're doing to him, but maybe the social contact will help him recover. I'm a mother, I know how to deal with emotional pain, even if he's a giant alien robot and not my child."

"Okay, thanks for the advice mom." He got up and went to go up the stairs to grab his bag and meet Bumblebee outside. "Oh, and Dad?"

"Yeah Sam?"

"You just dropped food down your shirt."

"...Aw crap..."

"Ron! We're at the table! Language!"

Jul. 6th, 2011

iron man

Saving Him Day Three

The blood pounded through his head like a violent drumbeat, making his head throb painfully along with it. When he first opened his eyes, the light they were exposed to stung like they were being burned, but he forced himself to adjust so he could look around. Through his blurred sight, all he could see were dark, damp stone walls, the room only lit by a single light bulb. “Finally awake huh?” He looked over to where the voice came from and his eyes widened a fraction. “Who the frag are you?” Once again, his human voice decided to make him sound weak by making his voice hoarse and crack in places. It obviously amused the other man, judging by the smirk that formed on his face. “My name is Agent Simmons. From Sector Seven.” Megatron stiffened, the name of the organization he feared slamming into his head like a ton of bricks, the memories of the forty years he was frozen, but aware as they tore parts from him also there. His fists clenched and his arm twitched. He looked down when he felt something stopping his arm from moving and saw the chains wrapped around his limbs. He pulled on them, a futile effort, only succeeding in tearing the skin around his wrists, making the blood trickle down his pale skin. “What do you want?” “You have been in my family’s possession for more than forty years NBE-1. In short, I own you. And I wasn’t about to let the Autobots take you away from me.” “I don’t belong to anyone.” He growled, his eyes flashing in anger as he yanked on his chains yet again, despite the pain in his wrists. “That’s where you’re wrong. Very, very wrong.” Simmons chuckled, he unlocked the bars to the cell, stepping in and walking forward with a syringe, crouching down in front of him. “Now if you don’t settle down, I’m going to have to use this.” He said in a patronizing tone, smiling darkly. Megatron stopped struggling and simply stared into the other man’s eyes. Simmons relaxed and laughed, thinking he had scared the human Decepticon into submission. “Now-“ The Sector Seven agent fell back with a yelp when Megatron head butted him as hard as he could whilst chained to the floor. Simmons clamped a hand over his nose, looking at the blood on it when he pulled it away with an angry glare. “Right. Maybe this will make you co-operate a little more.” He jabbed the syringe into the Decepticon’s arm, emptying it into his blood stream and leaving the cell, locking it and walking away with one last glower. Megatron sat in confusion for a few minutes before he felt a sharp pain. He grunted and then gasped in pain as it spread all over his body. He fell back onto the floor, clenching his hands so hard that his nails cut into his skin. It felt like there was fire running through his veins accompanied by a feeling like when he had been frozen in the arctic, a sharp, stinging, cold feeling that cut through to his very bones. Simmons watched through the mirrored glass with a sick satisfaction as the first scream tore through the air. - “Maggie, take a break already.” “I’m not going to stop until I find him.” “You’re not going to find him if you pass out from sleep deprivation. Take a break, even if it’s only a few hours, eat, take a shower, sleep, and then come back.” “It’s my job to find things like this, I studied for years for it alright. We don’t have any other analysts.” “Do you know any?” “Other analysts?” “No, other Autobots, of course other analysts, what else am I gunna be talking about?” “Cool it.....Well......I know someone who could maybe help...” “Who?” “His name’s Glen Whitmann. He’s not employed as an analysts, but he’s one of the best I know, he’s better than me.” “Have you got his number?” “Yes, but it depends on how busy he is on whether he can make it here quickly or not.” “Well tell him it’s a matter of life and death. It literally is Maggie. I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but if we don’t find Megatron soon....” Maggie stood quickly, her chair falling on the floor behind her. She grabbed her phone and started dialling the number, walking out of the room to talk to the one young man that might just be able to help them. - “Hello?” “Glen? It’s Maggie.” “Maggie! I haven’t heard from you in a while girl! What’s goin on?” “I need your help?” “With what? What’s wrong?” “A friend of mine, Matt, he’s.......he’s......” “He’s what Mags?” “He’s been kidnapped.” “What!? By Who!?” “Sector Seven.” “The organization in that sound signature we unscrambled?” “Yes, Matt......he’s not completely human. He’s one of the Cybertronians, but he got turned human by The Allspark.” “What do you need my help for? This should be something for the Autobots. I mean, it’s one of their kind.” “We don’t know where the base he’s been taken is. He could die any minute, I just don’t know what else I can do....” “Where are you Mags? I’ll be right there.” “Take a look on the net for a military base called Vern base. Were there. Please, hurry.” “I will. Stay clam alright. I’ll help.” “Thank you Glen, you have no idea how much this means to me.” “It’s nothing Maggie. I’d do anything for you, and I have nothing against helping someone who needs it. I’ll try and be as fast as I can.”

Jul. 4th, 2011

iron man

Saving Him Day Two

Rated T for a bit of language.


"So, we know that Megatron was last seen at 1400 hours yesterday in Hangar 13. The last person to see him was Sam before Sector Seven got involved. And we have a few minutes of tape on the security cameras of Simmons getting his hands dirty along with a few other personnel. Something he seems to have absolutely no problem with." Lennox said, muttering the last part under his breath angrily.

"So we know all that, but what about the different army bases Sector Seven has. He could be in any one of them, maybe even a new one we have no knowledge of." Maggie said, leaning over the back of the chair to watch Will pace the floor, wondering why it was him doing the pacing, shouldn't it be her?

"Damn it!" The man suddenly yelled out, slamming his hands down onto the surface of a desk. "We have no fucking leads at all!"

"We have to find him." Maggie shifted in her chair as she felt the panic she had felt earlier coming back.

"We will find him. But...how...?"

The wall shuddered when Optimus leant his head back against it with a heavy sigh. He rubbed his face with a hand in a strangely human gesture and closed his optics against the cruel world around him.

It was like the situation with Bumblebee all over again, except, this time it was his brother who had been captured, his now fragile, human, transforming and changing brother. He wouldn't have had much luck even if only one Sector Seven agent had been holding him; the transformation was making him too weak, his body fighting against the unusual occurrence.

He had seen the security clip of Megatron being captured, and he had to keep his anger in check when he saw how his last living family member was being treated. The way that Simmons had slammed his fist into Megatron's human abdomen, the breath rushing out of him at the force of the punch, making him double over in the two agents' grip. He hadn't even had time to recover from that hit when another one was flying at his face, snapping his head to the side, blood running down his cheek.

The Prime had clearly seen the glee and amusement in Simmons' gaze as he had beaten the human Decepticon, who had absolutely no way to defend himself with his limbs restrained by the two thugs, down hard until he fell unconscious.

His hands clenched into fists, the metal shaking as he tensed in anger. He was shaking all over by keeping it in, it was like a burning inferno raging inside of his spark and spreading around his body.


He opened his optics and turned to look at Ratchet. The medic was frowning, but he had a slight look of concern in his eyes for his leader.

"Are you alright?" Optimus fought the urge to snort.

"Am I alright? I'm fine Ratchet. The person who's not fine is my brother."

"He'll be fine Optimus, in tip top shape when we find him."

"Don't lie to me Ratchet. I've known you for years, I know when you are. And besides, you saw that recording yourself, you saw what they did to him, I have the strongest feeling that it's going to get even worse for Megatron."

"We'll find him Optimus, we have to. We just have to find where they've taken him, and then we can rescue him. Then you can see for yourself that your brother is fine."

Optimus nodded, but he didn't believe it one bit. Throughout the war, he had listened to gut instinct, and his spark. Now both were screaming at him that his brother was in deep, deep danger.

"Mikaela? What's wrong?" The girl wiped her eyes quickly and turned to Sam.

"Nothing, I'm fine Sam." He looked at her red, puffy eyes, complete evidence of her crying. He wiped the remnants of the salt water off of her face and put a comforting arm around her, looking intently into her eyes.

"What wrong Kaela?"

"I...It's just..." She trailed off. "I'm worried about...Megs."

"You're worried about him? You're worried about the evil pile of metal that tried to kill us, that tried to steal The Allspark, that tried to destroy the world? You're worried about him?"

"He's not like that anymore Sam." She snapped, jerking out of his embrace and standing up, walking over to the window and staring out like she wished Megatron to appear at any time.

"He's changed since he's become human. He's not...good...but...he's not bad either. He's different...better. He's my friend Sam, even though I've only known him for a few days, even though he tried to kill us, even though he tried to destroy the world, yes, I'm worried about him. And I will be until I see that he's safe alright. You should be too."

"Why should I?"

"The Allspark gave you a duty to keep an eye on him. But you never do. If you actually took a moment to speak with him civilly instead of starting arguments with him all the ti-"

"I don't start arguments with him!"

"You do Sam. You never speak to him like he's a human being. You speak to him like he's some kind of animal, like he's trash."

"He is..." Sam mumbled. Mikaela glared at him, the tears running down her face again.

"He's more than that!"

"Why do you care so much about him?" Sam said, finally asking the question that had been on his minds since he saw the two together, laughing and conversing like they'd known each other for years.

She turned away from him and looked back out of the window. "He reminds me of my Dad..." With that, she walked out, leaving the Witwicky boy standing there, feeling shocked, guilty, and like a complete and utter ass.

Ironhide slammed his fist into the wall, trying to ease some of his anger and annoyance without using his cannons and destroying the whole base. He had promised Maggie that he would protect Megatron from those Sector Seven thugs, and keep him out of danger until he turned back into a Cybertronian and could handle himself.

Yet that promise had been broken because he hadn't been watching the Decepticon. He hadn't been watching for a few hours, and that was all Sector Seven needed to get a plan into action and take Megatron from right under their noses.

He had broken that first promise to Maggie, but now he was making a new one to himself, he would find Megatron and get him back if it was the last thing he ever did.

Bumblebee watched his guardian release his rage on the wall and couldn't understand why everyone was so worried. Megatron put everyone in danger just by being alive, and now Ironhide, someone who had previously wanted to vaporize the man, was angry about him being taken, and muttering to himself about getting the human back.

He just didn't get it, weren't they better off without him?

Though looking at everyone who was worried for Megatron, who had become attached to him some time over the past few days, he could back up that statement to ignore their upset and angry faces.

If they wanted to help, so would he.


Short chapter, but I'm saving my other ideas for the next one. I just wanted to set some bots' and human's opinions on the matter.
iron man

Saving Him Day One

A continuation of the drabbles Missing, Scarred and all related that I did for yourdeadwafflecone, based on the fic Cosmic Joke. The drabbles are simply called Cosmic Joked. This isn’t the only chapter, it’s going to be continued. Hope you enjoy!


The heels clicked across the floor as the blond Australian woman made her way through the Vern base, searching every room, every hangar for the man she loved. Maggie sighed in annoyance, not being able to find Matt anywhere. Her mobile vibrated in her pocket and she pulled it out, reading the text.

Optimus called for a meeting in the main hanger. It’s about Starscream and keeping The Decepticons away from Megatron so that the transformation doesn’t accelerate. Get over here ASAP. You can find your boy toy later.

Maggie snorted and shook her head. “Boy toy...” She muttered, thinking. “Hmm....maybe I’ll have to call Matt that one day...” She laughed. She exited the hangar, heading towards the main one, with no idea about what was going to happen over the next few months.


“Starscream and the other seekers have been venturing closer these past few days; we think this could get out of hand real fast.” Ironhide said to Optimus, leaning against the wall casually.

“We can’t do anything until they act. They haven’t done anything since they tried to kill Sam and my brother, we were lucky to have stopped them the first time with Blackout’s help in time. If we had been a few minutes later.....” Optimus said, sighing as he trailed off.

“That Thunderclapper or whatever his name is escaped too!” Simmons exclaimed angrily. “And when are you going to let us take Megatron, he’s transforming back, it’s clear to anyone who looks close enough.”

“I’m still working on something for that Agent Simmons.” Ratchet growled menacingly.

“And he can’t go anywhere until I’m sure that his condition isn’t life threatening.”

“That’s not your call to make!”

“Neither is it yours!”

“Ratchet!” Optimus snapped, looking at the medic with stern, icy blue optics. “Calm down, you too Agent Simmons, your behaviour is unacceptable. Secretary Keller has made his thoughts on the matter clear, and he said that you cannot take him whilst he is in our care.”

“We’ll see about that.” The Sector 7 agent smirked. Lennox frowned in suspicion. The other man’s heart hadn’t been in the argument, like it usually was. And now his eyes were filled with a smug look, that he just couldn’t understand.

“You can’t take him anyway. It’s not right. He’s a human being.” Maggie argued, getting tired of Simmons’ attitude.

“Yeah, and The Allspark said I have to keep an eye on him. I can’t do that if he’s in a cell now can I?” Sam said, a little nervous about what the all powerful Cybertronian object would do to him if he didn’t follow the order.

“Kid, it was a stone box. It’s not sentient. It’s a stupid little thing that you thought was talking to you when you were unconscious, that’s all.”

“How dare you disrespect The Allspark!” Ironhide roared in rage. “It was our version of a God. It created our planet and the life upon its surface, providing it with more until the day of it’s destruction to save your planet, so don’t you dare treat it like some insignificant box!”

Optimus didn’t jump to keep his soldiers in line this time, as they took their turns at badmouthing the now nervous human. He had stepped out of line and deserved everything he got.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to do and I’d better get on it.” Simmons said. The smug look was still in his eyes, alongside something dark in his gaze that made a shiver run down Will’s spine. Whatever the man was planning, it wasn’t going to be anything good.


Hours passed, and Maggie was becoming more and more frantic. She couldn’t find Matt anywhere on the base, and no one had seen him leave. He had completely vanished. Her heels clicked on the floor faster as her pace quickened to almost a run as she ran to find someone who could help. She almost collapsed with relief when she spotted Captain Lennox loitering outside one of the buildings.

“Lennox! Captain Lennox!” She yelled as she ran the best she could in heels over to him. The dark haired man’s head shot up and he watched the Australian woman run towards him.

“Hey Maggie, what’s wrong?” He asked when he saw the frantic look in her eyes.

“I can’t find Matt.”


“Megatron! He’s gone!” Will frowned, now starting to understand why Simmons had looked so excited earlier. “I think Sector Seven might have him.”

Maggie gasped in horror and grabbed him, her nails digging into his skin. “We have to find him; we don’t know what they’ll do to him.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get the Autobots and we’ll get right on it. We’ll find him.” He felt the determination behind him words almost as strongly as he felt the oxygen rushing into his lungs, or his heart beating.

He grabbed the panicking woman by the arm and quickly led her into the hangar the Autobot’s were residing in until further notice. Their optics flicked over to them as they entered the building and Optimus blinked in acknowledgement.

“Captain, Ms Madsen.” He nodded.

“Optimus, have you seen Megatron anywhere?”


“Just answer the question, I need an answer.”

“Not all day, and he was supposed to be at the meeting. He knew what time it was.”

“I’m starting to think I was right.” Will mumbled under his breath. The Autobots
caught his words and Ironhide asked the question that was on all their processors.

“Right about what?”

“I think Sector Seven took him.” Optimus’ optics widened before filling with a cold, angry look.

“Why do you think that?” The red and blue mech asked, trying to control his anger and gather facts first before he acted rashly.

“No one had seen him all day around the base, no one has seen him leave, and I didn’t like the look Simmons had in his eyes earlier.”

“What look?”

“It was almost.....smug. Like he knew something we didn’t. Or that he’d taken something he didn’t want use to take. Didn’t you notice that he wasn’t putting as much effort into his argument too.”

The Autobots recalled the meeting and exchanged a look. The human Captain’s words were starting to seem less like a theory, and more like truth to them now.

“Do you have Security cameras?” Maggie spoke, the first thing she had said since she had found him.

“Well, yeah....why?”

“It might have something on there, come on, and show me the way.”


“How many more clips are you going to go through?”

“As many as I have to to find Matt.”

“You love him, don’t you?”

“More than I can describe. Just the thought of him back in the filthy hands of Simmons and that inhumane organisation makes me want to vomit.” Maggie muttered the last part in annoyance.

It probably would have been funny to the military captain if it hadn’t been such a serious situation, but he looked back to the cameras, scanning the screens with his hard eyes. “There!” He jabbed his finger on the pause button and then tapped the screen he was looking at. It clearly showed two S7 agents with a strong hold on the human Decepticon, wrestling him into the back of the SUV.

“So I was right, they did take him.”

“How are we going to get him back?”

“I don’t know. It might take a while.”

“What!? They could kill him in a ‘while’ what the hell are you thinking!?”

“Maggie, there’s a lot of things to do. We have to find the base, come up with a plan, but we will find him, I promise we will, we’ll save him.”

“How do you know that? We could already be too late.”

“We’re not okay. I have a feeling that Simmons won’t be killing him any time soon. Not until he gets what he wants.”

Jul. 3rd, 2011

iron man

(no subject)

Threat – “If you hurt her, emotionally or physically, I’ll make sure you were never turned human, are we clear?” Lennox glared fiercely at Megatron. The other man looked at him calmly and nodded. “I wouldn’t even dream of hurting her. Maggie is everything that makes me want to stay human”

Innocence – Maggie smiled fondly at Megatron as he leaned against the window sill, staring out at the human world around him. At times, he was so innocent because he knew next to nothing of the humans, or their planet.

Haze – Maggie looked over at Megatron lying on the bed next to her. They had just ‘done the deed’ for the first time, and since it was his

Listen – “I’m not going back there! I can’t!” “Look, just listen to me! I won’t let that happen to you Matt! Sector 7 isn’t going to get their hands on you! I’ll keep them away from you if it’s the last thing I do!”

Wrap – Maggie loved the feeling of Matt’s arms wrapped around her. There was nothing in the world she could compare it to. All she could say, is that it was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt.

Friend – When Lennox and Epps had first met Megatron as a human, they had never thought that they would end up being friends with him. But as they sat at the table, laughing at the hybrid taking the piss out of everything on cable TV, they couldn’t help but think it had been a good decision to let go of their grudges, and sat off new.

Jealous – Sam seethed in silent rage as he watched Mikaela and Megatron laugh together. He didn’t know what he was more jealous of. The fact that Megatron got along with Mikaela better than he should after nearly destroying the planet and the human race, or the Mikaela was doing a better job of keeping an eye on Megatron than Sam ever would.

Work – “Where’s Megatron?” Bumblebee asked bitterly. “Run off to cause chaos again?” “Nope, he’s at work?” Maggie replied with an icy glare. “Work?” “Yes.” “Megatron?” “Yes...” “Megatron working?” “FOR CHRIST’S SAKE BEE YES!” “.........what does he do?” “.....let’s just say, Simmons doesn’t have a chance at using authority over him anymore.” “Why?” “Because Matt now has authority over him.” “.....Wow.......Awesome.....” “Yup...”

Kiss – “Just hold still Matt.” “Why?” His eyes widened as Maggie’s lips pressed against his in a gentle, but firm kiss. “That’s why. You looked so hot just then, I couldn’t resist.”

Heartbeat – Maggie looked down at Megatron, who was resting his head on her shoulder. Her arm wrapped around him, positioned her hand to touch his chest. It was comforting to feel his heart beat

Confusion – Maggie giggled at the confused expression on Megatron’s face. It was quickly becoming her favourite expression on him. It made him look so cute.

Heartache – Maggie wiped her eyes furiously. Simmons had absolutely no heart. Once the Sector 7 agent had found out she and Matt were in a relationship, he said that once he became a Cybertronian again, he wouldn’t love her anymore, she would be nothing to him. She didn’t want to believe that. She wouldn’t believe that. Matt loved her and he would never think that of her. But then......why did her heartache?

Protection – Ironhide stared down at the Sector 7 agents with a fiery glare. They had yet again disobeyed the order to leave Megatron alone. It seemed to be their goal to disobey orders and capture him for experimentation, even if he was human, yet again. But he had promised Maggie, so as long as Megatron was alive and on Earth, he would protect him, and fulfil that promise.

Study – Megatron groaned and threw the book down, burying his face in his hands. He had been studying Earth for months now, and he was still struggling to grasp even some of the simplest things. He felt a small hand on his shoulder and looked up slightly. Maggie sat down next to him and picked the book back up. “Want some help?”

Agony – She shuddered as tears trailed down her face, her hand over her mouth. Maggie hated this. She hated watching Megatron turn back into a Cybertronian piece by piece until he was struggling not to scream in pain from the metal stabbing through various parts of his body. She just wished she could make it better for him. She wished she could stop the pain he felt.

Fireworks – “What are Fireworks?” “There these.......things made out of explosive material and stuff....so when they explode....they’re colourful....and sometimes noisy...” BANG “AHH!” Maggie screamed, not expecting it. “Firework?” “...Yes Matt......that was a firework...” “I don’t know what was noisier.....the explosion.....or your scream...” “......” SLAP “...Ow...”

Trouble – “MATT! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!” “......I said I was sorry......” “SORRY ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH MISTER! YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!” “Jeez, you sound like my mom.” “God knows you need SOMEONE to keep you in line.”

Tender – She had to be extremely careful around Megatron lately. The transformation from human to Cybertronian was going slowly, but that didn’t mean the pain was any less. She discovered she had to be more careful when she playfully poked him in the chest one night, and then had to half catch him as he collapsed forward, a shuddering mass of pain. When she lifted his shirt up to see the problem, she saw bruises forming all over his chest, in some places; she could even see metal underneath the skin. Now whenever she touched him, she was gentle, making sure not to hurt him. That small action made her feel a little better about almost breaking one of his ribs.

Coma – Optimus sat outside of the room Megatron was in. It had been incredibly strange and terrifying what had happened, even if it had happened so quickly, they barely knew what had happened. They had finally gotten away from Sector 7 after they had chased them through the Vern base, and they had escaped, getting a good distance away, Megatron had suddenly collapsed. He had been unconscious for more than three days, and despite the fact that Megatron had tried to kill him multiple times, he was still his brother, and the worry he felt for him was the strongest thing he had felt in a long while.

Missing – “Captain Lennox!” The soldier turned to look at the Australian woman running towards him. “Hey Maggie, what’s wrong?” He asked when he saw the frantic look in her eyes. “I can’t find Matt.” “Matt?” “Megatron! He’s gone!” Will frowned, now understanding why Simmons had looked so excited earlier. “I think Sector Seven has him.” Maggie gasped in horror and grabbed him, her nails digging into his skin. “We have to find him, we don’t know what they’ll do to him.” “Don’t worry, I’ll get the Autobots and we’ll get right on it. We’ll find him.”

Murmur – “MEGATRON!” Maggie yelled as the Decepticon human went to run after Sam, run into the battlefield. He stopped and turned to look at her, bracing himself as she jumped at him. “Be careful.” She whispered. “I love you.” He murmured into her hair, uncaring of the Autobots and allies watching. “I love you too.” She kissed him lightly and he ran after Sam. She wiped her eyes fiercely and she strengthened herself for the long battle ahead. He had better coming back alive.

Shackles – “You won’t be escaping from here for a while NBE-1.” Simmons smirked. The human/Cybertronian hybrid was chained and shackled in a cell, the strong metal making sure he couldn’t escape. “I’m going to enjoy this,” The face and rusty red eyes stayed emotionless, but Megatron couldn’t deny the fear starting to rise in him.

Scarred – Lennox ran down the cell corridor as fast as his legs could carry him, searching for Megatron. The hybrid had been here for more than a month, the Autobots, the humans and their very few Decepticon allies struggling to find the base Sector Seven had captured him in. He did a double take at one cell and his eyes widened and then filled with anger at the sight. The cell had blood streaked over the walls and floor, Megatron lying in the middle of it all, even in unconsciousness, his arms still raised slightly in the air by the shackles. Will growled and shot the lock to the cell, opening it quickly and running over to the still form on the floor. He could see in some places that weren’t soaked in blood, there were long, prominent scars running across the pale skin, looking even paler against the red liquid. Lennox shook with rage, he may not like the Decepticon much, but this was just completely inhumane. They had tortured him to the point of death, and anyone who looked at Megatron could tell that his life was hanging by a thread. The soldier was going to get him out of here if he died trying.

Exhaustion – Megatron had woken up briefly when Will was carrying him carefully out of the door, about to make his way out of the damned building towards the Autobots and allies waiting. “Megatron, it’s me remember? Will Lennox, the annoying human right? I’m gunna get you out of here.” The rust coloured eyes blinked tiredly and there was a fraction of a nod. Will frowned at the lightness of the body he was carrying; it was obvious he had been starved. He exited the building and he saw the heads of the Autobots and the others shoot up at the sight of him. Sector Seven had been arrested, so they had just been waiting. Optimus’ blue optics widened at the sight of his brother, followed by the distressed cries of both Maggie and Mikaela. Frenzy jumped up and down frantically, worried about the state of his leader and not knowing what else to do. “Let’s just get him out of here guys.” Lennox said firmly, looking up at Optimus. The Autobot leader caught the look and transformed, opening the door. Lennox placed Megatron in the back seat carefully, climbing up and sitting next to him. Sam jumped in the front, obviously feeling that he had to be near the Decepticon, feeling guilty about not protecting him like the Allspark told him to. Lennox looked down as something softly fell against his shoulder. Megatron’s head was resting against his shoulder as Exhaustion finally took over, finally able to sleep as he was safe. Will shifted to make them both more comfortable and Optimus started driving. Driving away from the base his brother had been tortured in.

Trauma – It was a little unnerving sometimes, after getting Megatron back from the base, he just wasn’t the same. If anyone moved too fast near him, he gave a small, almost unnoticeable flinch, but Will always noticed. The Decepticon would space out at random times, his gaze sometimes looking straight through someone, his mind back at the S7 base and what Simmons and the others had done to him. Lennox spent a lot of time with Megatron now, having dealt with PTSD before, and knowing what the hybrid was going through. He hadn’t experienced it, but he had clearly seen his friends go mad from it. When Megatron would suddenly be in the throes of a nightmare, screaming at the mental remnants of pain, Will would always wake the other human up, and let him lean against him like a lifeline.

Nightmare – The dark walls of the cell was all he could see, along with the blood that marred some of it. Blood. His blood? He couldn’t remember, how long had he been in this cell? It must have been a long time; he was even missing the trigger-happy Autobot, what was his name? It was so hard to string coherent thought together now. He could never think clearly. He felt a shock of pain across his arm and more blood sprayed across the wall and floor. He gasped in pain and then bit his lip, biting through the skin from the force. His eyes flicked up and he saw the smirking face of Simmons, the blade coming down again, this time towards his fa- Megatron screamed in pure terror as he shot up in the bed. He panted heavily, hand pressing against his throat from the pain of screaming, his voice still hoarse and painful. He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped, relaxing a little when he saw it was just Lennox, the dark haired human looked down at him in concern. He shivered, the cold sweat running down his skin. Lennox sat on the bed next to him and pulled him to him. Megatron leaned against the human’s shoulder, trying to calm his heart rate back down, and trying to forget the nightmare his mind plagued him with.

Careful – Maggie didn’t know what to do with Megatron anymore. She loved him desperately, and it pained her to see him like this, the time he had suffered as a human in S7’s care dwelled in his mind constantly, making him cautious and jumpy. Anyone who knew him before wouldn’t believe their eyes, barely believing that the strong figure had become this shell of who he was. The Decepticon seemed to have connected with Will the most, the first being to show him kindness since he woke up in that base. Now, you barely ever saw Will without Megatron, and vice verse. She knew it would take time for him to recover, but she was just getting so tired of having to be so careful. She just wanted to show him how she cared.

Wasted – Epps grinned as Megatron fell onto his shoulder. The human Decepticon was completely and utterly wasted. “C’mon you, let’s get ya home.” Epps slung an arm over his shoulders and ignored the groan of protest, shaking him head and dragging him outside to his Jeep.

Run – Megatron leaned against a wall, and slid down it, pulling his legs up to his chest and panting in exertion. His heart was racing after running on pure fear of getting captured by Sector Seven again, and it had worn him out completely. He didn’t think he would be able to run much longer. Even his old Cybertronian body had had limits. He looked up as a car screeched to a stop near to him, his heart almost leaping out of his chest. He calmed a fraction when he saw that it was Ironhide. “Are you just going to sit there or are you going to get in?” Megatron leapt up at the Autobot’s voice and jumped in, the door closing behind him and the black Topkick sped away from the danger he had been running from. He was safe for now.

Lies – “Leave, pathetic insect.” Megatron growled at Maggie, the blue/green eyes teared and the human turned and ran. The recently turned back Cybertronian’s shoulders slumped as guilt filled his spark. He hated to do that, to lie about not loving her, but it was the only way he could protect her.

Panic – Ironhide scanned the human in his interior, just having saved him from Sector Seven. Megatron was leaning against his window, still breathing hard. His scans showed the dramatically increased heart rate. For Megatron, this was bad. The energon in his body would be circulating at a much faster process, making the transformation back accelerate. Ironhide activated his holoform and rested a hand on the human’s shoulder, looking at him intensely with a serious look on his face. “Calm down Megatron. Sector Seven are behind us.” The rusty coloured eyes fluttered open again the human gave him a shaky smile. “That may be, but I can’t help but still panic. They just don’t give up.” The Cybertronian patted his shoulder with a rare sympathetic look. What Megatron had said was unfortunately true, very true.

Passion – Sam hated Megatron with a passion. The mech turned human had tried to kill him in Mission City, and it wasn’t something he could forget easily. He often had nightmares of the hulking body of metal and hellish red eyes looming over him before the final strike came and he woke up. But the Allspark had given him a duty, so......he had to get over his hate. He had to fulfil his duty. He looked over at ‘Matt’ and watched him joke around with Will and Epps with a thoughtful frown. The two soldiers didn’t seem to think that he was all that bad; they liked him well enough, enough to be friends with him. So, maybe he could think of him as the human, rather than the nightmare in his mind.

Accent – “You so have a European accent.” “What the frag does a European accent sound like human?” “Stop with the whole ‘human’ thing, you’re one of us now, and also, a European accent sounds like your voice.” “.....I can’t believe I’m saying this. But I give.”

Health – Megatron yawned as he sat on the tall surface Ratchet used so he could reach him. The morning appointments to check that his health hadn’t changed had become more and more frequent to check that his health hadn’t altered. Ratchet smirked down at the human as he got ready to start the scans.

Tired – The scans ran over his body and Megatron struggled to stay still as his body almost swayed from exhaustion. He hadn’t been able to sleep properly in days, his mind always filled with things like Sector 7 and Starscream trying another assassination attempt. The scan finished and Ratchet looked at the scanner, checking the results. Everything looked fine. He glanced up and then gasped, quickly moving a hand to catch Megatron as he fell forward, no longer able to stay awake. The medic shook his head and picked the hybrid up, laying him down on the large metal surface and grabbing a pillow and blanket gently between his large metal fingers, putting the pillow under Megatron’s head and laying the blanket over him. He looked down at the sleeping face and chuckled quietly, returning to analysing his scans. The few that he had managed would do, he would let the human sleep for now.

Cry – Optimus sped down the road towards the lookout, thinking all the while about the meeting with his brother. He had seemed so small and fragile in that hospital, looking more vulnerable than he had ever seen him. The last time he had seen him worse was when he had been injured on Cybertronian just before he went haywire. And he had taken advantage of that vulnerability, making cutting comments instead of trying to repair their relationship. Then he had seen the tears roll down his brother’s face. The former mech had obviously tried to hold them back, but then failed when he couldn’t control the emotions of his human body. Optimus let out a whoosh of air similar to a sigh, feeling completely and utterly guilty for what he had done.

Plead – “Please, you can’t let them take him! We have to get him back!” Maggie pleaded with Secretary Keller. The man looked at her in pity and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Despite what he’s done, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure we get him back, safe, and in one piece. I promise you Ms Madsen.”

Cry II – Sam’s eyes widened as the metal started forcing its way through Megatron’s skin and flesh, making blood trickle out like a river. He looked at the man’s face. He looked like he was in shock, the pain not exactly registering yet. He looked down at the metal jutting through his ribs, and then the pain set in like a million knives. He let out a low groan and slumped down the wall, tears of pain coming to his eyes. Sam watched the tears escape his clenched shut eyes, the beads of salt water running down his cheeks and down his throat as the blood ran too to the floor.

Awkward – At times, their relationship was awkward. Megatron knew practically nothing of human intimacy, apart from what he had already seen and experienced. And Maggie always felt embarrassed when he looked at her with that confused, uncertain look when she tried something new. It was an awkward relationship, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Fever – Megatron leant against Maggie, her skin feeling cool to his fevered skin. Maggie rubbed a gentle hand across his arm opposite to her, her eyebrows pulled together in concern. She was worried about him. His body had never been through illness before, and if not watched, the effects could be far from pleasing. As he fell asleep against her shoulder, she made a promise to herself that she would take care of him, when he could no longer take care of her.

Burn – Mikaela yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she sat up on the sofa. The digital clock on the table said that it was 12:00. She groaned and looked over at Megatron. The Decepticon-turned-human was sleeping peacefully in the chair, the blanket having fallen down his chest just to his waist, covering his legs. She could see the raw burn that the Allspark had made when it had been forced into his chest and she winced in sympathy. He had tried to kill them, the Autobots and the rest of the human race. So why did she pity him?

Coffee – “Oh.....frag...” Megatron cursed, his eyes wide as Frenzy, now a human, took a sip of coffee. It was the end of the world as they knew it.
Thunderstorm – Maggie rolled over and reached out a hand blindly with a sigh, searching for Matt in the bed. Her hand met just material and she opened her eyes, seeing Matt sat on the edge of the bed, staring out of the windows with narrowed eyes. “Matt? Matt Hun what’s wrong?” “What the frag is that noise?” Maggie listened and then saw a flash outside the window, closely followed by a boom. “It’s just a storm okay, don’t worry, come back to bed.” She patted the bed next to her with a smile, and with a sigh, Megatron lay back down next to her, laying an arm over her waist and falling asleep.

Warmth – Maggie rolled over in bad, snuggling up to Matt. Her eyes shot open with a gasp when she felt his skin. It was like ice. She frowned and noticed that the blanket had fallen off of his form during the night. She grabbed it and pulled it back up over him, replacing the warmth he had lost.

Ache – Megatron hissed as his burnt shoulder brushed against the back of the sofa painfully, making a sharp ache throb through it.
Soothing – Maggie gently rubbed the burn salve onto his shoulder and smiled when it seemed to be doing well.

Skin – The skin his metal form had been replaced with was much more sensitive than the metal was. He could feel every little touch, but it itched at times when something extremely light brushed over it. He hated the fact that he was now one of the fleshlings, but he had to accept it eventually, as much as he had to accept that he could get hurt so much easier with skin.

Acceptance – Megatron touched a hand to the mirror, sighing heavily. He was human now, there was no denying it. And Optimus was right; he never thought he’d think that, unless he accepted it, he was going to lead a bad life.

Repair – Maggie looked up at the great, hulking, silver, sparking and bleeding mass of metal that was Megatron. The con-turned human-turned con was going to get himself officially killed the way he was always protecting her. She reached up to touch him and one of his claws gently stopped her. “D-zzt-on’t.” She frowned at the static laced in his voice and pushed his claw away before smiling. “You wish, I know how to repair you, and nothing’s going to stop me.”

Love – “I love, whom I love.” She said firmly, and she knew the truth in those words as she said them. The man she loved may be some ‘insane, evil, destructive overlord’. But he had changed since he had become human, and she couldn’t help her feeling. She knew she would love him even after he turned back into a Cybertronian.

Jun. 25th, 2011

hellsing, alucard


I don’t own the first section, from “Barricade?” to ‘Ratchet gave him one last concerned look before retreating back to his medbay.’ Is Lady Dragon’s. I’m writing this for Lady Dragon76 and I’m only using the first part to set the scene. The rest will be my own. By the way, don’t know if the mechs have mobiles yet, don’t really care, it’s for plot purposes, don’t like it, there’s a back button, use it. Anyway, enjoy!



He ignored it, too tired to bother responding.


He sighed, debating whether he should answer the little glitch or not.

"Barricade." It was the woman and she was touching his shoulder. Barricade fought his way to wakefulness. Why was it so hard this time?

A soft press of cool flesh touched his forehead. "Inside of the wrist works too Sarah," a male voice said.

"Better go get Ratchet. He's around one oh one easy," Sarah said.

There was a whimper he recognized as Frenzy's, and he finally managed to open his eyes. What was wrong with the youngling that he needed Ratchet? The human soldier was walking away, presumably to fetch the medic.

"Barricade?" He shifted his gaze to the woman. "Sit up sweetie, and drink a little water. You have a fever."

Barricade blinked. Fever? He was the one who was ill? Barricade sat; surprised as his vision swam a bit and a wave of dizziness spun his perception of gravity.

"Slow baby, go slow."


"Calm down, Zee, he'll be fine. Fevers are normal in humans, and I don't think he's hot enough for it to be dangerous."

Barricade frowned and accepted the bottle of water, sipping at it as he saw Ratchet rushing back with Lennox.

"I think he's just fighting off a bug," Sarah told the medic.

He pulled back as Ratchet reached for him. "Knock that slag off, 'Con." His head was caught in a firm, but not vicious grip and turned. Something was stuck in his ear and he flinched away, only to have the medic's other hand tighten against the side of his head. The object beeped and was taken away. He glared at the offending thermometer, then the medic.

"Don't bitch or next time I'll use a rectal," Ratchet snarled at him. Barricade took a moment to try and remember what that meant and then decided to behave. He could probably fend off the medic, but how long would it be before his mates showed up, or Optimus. And with Starscream's often sadistic sense of humor, he wouldn't even be safe with his own Commander there. In fact Starscream would probably point and laugh, rather than help.

Sarah leaned in to look. "See. One oh one three," she said, and smirked up at her husband. "You could practically calibrate a thermometer by my lips."
The man rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Then her words registered. She kissed him? Just his forehead but- She kissed him?

"I'll need to run some tests, find Hausen, see what he thinks," Ratchet was saying, more to himself than anyone around him.
Barricade was about to protest and ask just what tests when Sarah interrupted. "It's a cold, Ratchet."

"You can't be certain of that."

The woman merely raised her brow at him. "You've all been walking naked through a hostile environment for nearly a week without proper nutrition, not even enough water to keep a squirrel hydrated, and keep sipping that, 'Cade. Didn't I hear one of the others talking about how you all practically froze at night, and then Optimus fainted from heat exhaustion and hunger just the other day? His immune system's taken a beating. I'm surprised every last one of you isn't sick."

She faced Barricade again. "What sucks is you can't eat until that fever breaks."
"Why not?" he asked, voice scratchy and rough. Barricade blinked in surprise. His throat hurt quite a bit when trying to speak. Then his mind returned to her words. Back to starving. Fraggitall!

"Stomachs can get rebellious with fevers. The last thing you need to be doing right now is throwing up."

He frowned, one hand going to Frenzy as the youngling scooted a little closer and laid his head on Barricade's knee. He took in the expression on the Autobot's face and tried unsuccessfully to squash the jag of worry that gripped his spark. He really didn't want to deactivate as a human.

"And you believe you can treat his fever better than a trained medic?" Ratchet asked, voice nothing but sincere.

"It's worth a try. And it's less about trying to treat it and more of just watching him and letting it run its course. If it doesn't break in twenty-four hours, you guys can always try whatever tests you think might give you some answers, but I'd lay money he's just gotta fight it off on his own. There's always Tylenol and a cool shower if the fever gets too high."

Barricade watched as the medic nodded. He didn't seem completely pleased and neither was Barricade. "Human bodies are different, Ratch," Sarah said. "They don't fix instantly, but are remarkably durable. He'll be fine." She turned to Barricade. "More water, then back to sleep. We'll keep an eye on you."

He nodded, not having the experience or knowledge of human illnesses to debate the order. He stroked his hand over his charge's head and dragged the long braid through his hand when Frenzy whimpered again. Barricade lay down and let the woman fuss with the blanket.

"Call if you need me," Sarah said; hand running over his head before reaching out for Frenzy. "Come on, kiddo. Maybe you can help me beat Will at chess, he's kicking my butt."

Frenzy hesitated, but Barricade gave a short nod and the youngling went with the woman. He'd rather the little hacker stay close, but he just couldn't imagine being comfortable with the blonde's body heat against him right then. Ratchet gave him one last concerned look before retreating back to his medbay.


His sleep was restless, a burning heat taking over his body as he rested. He drifted in and out of consciousness, with no one noticing, thinking he was asleep instead of suffering with whatever human weakness this was. He was hot and cold at the same time, and it was driving him nuts.

He forced his heavy eyes open and looked around him, it looked like it was early morning, as most of the bots-turned-humans wandered around. He let out a groan as he head throbbed and dropped it back down, hating the fact that his brain felt like it was trying to beat it’s way out of his skull.

“Barricade? Sweetie, are you awake?” He opened his eyes again and saw the woman, Sarah? His mind couldn’t link things together into coherent thoughts. Her cool hand pressed against his forehead, touching the heated skin, and she frowned.

“You’re burning up bad. That’s not good; your human body hasn’t experienced any illness yet.” She bit her lip, her eyes wide and filled with worry. “I’ll be right back okay. I’m just going to get Ratchet. I’ll be right back.”

She ran out of the room and Barricade watched her leave before the dark of unconsciousness overtook his mind yet again.


Ratchet pulled the thermometer back out of the Con’s ear and looked at the temperature. It had climbed up to 104, a degree higher than earlier. If it was still rising, that meant it could continue to get worse until……

“How is he?” Ratchet turned to look at Sarah and looked back down at the ground. “Not good. His fever is still rising.”

“I think the others are getting confused. They don’t know what’s going on, and I think if we wait much longer, Prowl is going to come over and start lecturing Cade on staying asleep and not helping around the base. Not that Cade would actually be able to listen at the present moment.”

“Hm, we’d better gather everyone up and tell them before things do get out of hand then. We can’t be right next to him the whole time. It would be helpful if everyone was aware so they could keep an eye out for any bad signs.”


It took twenty minutes to gather everyone in the room, and by then, Ratchet was starting to lose the plot, he was going to snap soon if everyone kept on complaining about being pulled into the room.

“Why isn’t Barricade here? Does he think that this meeting doesn’t include him?” Prowl said. Sarah looked at the SIC and gave a small wince before composing herself again.

“It does include him, but not in the way it include all of you. In his case, it’s about him.”

“Why? What has he done now?” Jazz frowned at his mate, the icy tone in which he talked about his brother starting to annoy him. He had family left, he should at least treat Cade with a little respect, even if he was a Con.

“He hasn’t done anything. But it seems as if the time you were all out in the wild took its toll on him the most. A human’s normal body temperature is 98.6.F, but his has climbed up to 104 and it’s still climbing.”

“What happens if it gets any higher?” Sideswipe asked after a moment. Ratchet looked to Hausen for an answer and the man cleared his throat before beginning to talk.

“If it gets any higher, there’s a long list of things that could happen depending on how high it gets. Pain, vomiting, labored or rapid breathing, exhaustion, migraines, convulsions are all common symptoms. But if it gets too high, maybe even death.”

The whole room was silent for what seemed like a long time as they absorbed this information. They were all in shock that one of them could possibly die, while the rest of them escaped relatively unharmed.

“We’re telling you all this because we can’t be with him all the time. We need to have other people, aka all of you, to keep a look out for anything that seems similar to any of those symptoms, or just anything out of the ordinary happening to him. If you see anything, call us immediately. You can all go now.” Ratchet turned and went back to Barricade, sitting down next to the sleeping human.

The room’s occupants filed out slowly, some throwing concerned looks over at the Con, whilst Prowl just looked over with an icy glare before storming out of the room.


Jazz yawned and winced, rubbing his aching neck as he sat next to Barricade. The Con still hadn’t woken up, as his skin was damp with sweat. He tossed and turned lightly as he slept, obviously in the throes of a fever dream, unable to escape. Jazz had finally had enough by the time Barricade groaned quietly in something akin to misery. He had had enough of hearing him in pain.

“Hey, Cade, Cade wake up.” He said, shaking the man. It took a minute, but the onyx eyes finally opened, the light reflecting off the orbs and showing just how tired and fevered he was. “I dunno what the hell ya were dreamin about man, but it sounder pretty bad, thought I’d just wake ya up insteada just leavin ya ta suffer.”

“Thanks.” He heard muttered quietly.

“Sorry man, but I gotta check ya temperature again, Hatchet’s orders.” Barricade didn’t reply, so Jazz took it as an okay and grabbed the side of his head in a firm but gentle grip, keeping it steady whilst the thermometer worked. He pulled it out and looked at the result again. 104.6. F. It was still climbing. He grabbed his mobile and quickly texted Ratchet, telling the medic that the fever was still climbing and that Barricade had already fallen asleep again, unable to keep awake.

He quickly got up and grabbed a wash cloth from the kitchen, soaking it in cold water and then rushing back. Cade seemed in the same condition as before, no better, no worse. He pressed the cloth against his forehead and watched as the fevered man jumped slightly in his sleep, shuddering before relaxing again.

Jazz sighed heavily and rubbed the side of his face with his free hand. Prowl may hate the guy, but the saboteur couldn’t help the worry he felt for him, he was a Con, but he could also die anytime. So despite what Prowl felt, or said, he was going to help.

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May. 24th, 2011

iron man

Writer's Block: Going down

You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

Let them die in their sleep, it's kinder them, and if they really are my partner, then they know that I love them anyway <3

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